Net worth report – June 2017

This is the first time we decided to sit down and calculate our net worth. Kasper wasn’t too keen but I lacked a clear picture of where we are financially at the moment.

Having read Your Money or Your Life some months (!) back, it made sense to me to simply follow the exercises from the book. And so, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we ended up crunching numbers and even managed to add up all expenses and income for June (coming next).

What gets measured, gets done. We created a Google spreadsheet for our calculations and I promised myself to join the online FIRE community in the UK as a fellow blogger. After all, accountability is a pretty powerful tool when motivation levels get low.


Cash on hand:

Maya: £26,741
Kasper: £82,958
Fixed Assets:

Bank loan: £62,926
House: £400,000
Flat: £220,000

Stuff in the house:
Kitchen: £220
Living room: £1420
Garden: £370
Bathroom: £0
Bedroom 1: £1450
Bedroom 2: £150
Store cupboard: £50

Family owes: £9000
Friend owes: £300

Assets total: £805.585


Maya: £19,431
Kasper: £35.352
House: £295,875
Flat: £114,500

Liabilities total: £465.158

Net worth: £340.427

I didn’t break the liabilities into smaller parts because we know they consist of credit card debt (0% interest, not actual interest-incurred debt) and fees related to running two limited companies – we usually keep enough money to cover salaries / tax / corporation tax for months ahead.

So here we are, our first mutual net worth report done.

If you feel like sharing any advice, observations, please do. Always keen to learn something new.

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